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Ikon Pass Student Discount 2023/24

SkiSync has partnered with Alterra Mountain Company to offer the most competitive Ikon Pass student discount and college discount in the industry.



Already purchased your 2023/2024 Ikon Pass with student discount through SkiSync? View FAQ below...

NOTE: While SkiSync processes your Ikon Pass information, please DO NOT create a profile on ikonpass.com. Once the pass has been processed, you will receive a custom link to create your profile.

When can I expect to receive my Ikon Pass in the mail?
Your pass will not be processed through Ikon until it has been paid in full. Ikon will start processing and mailing passes this fall (date TBD).

Can I pick up my Ikon Pass at an Ikon Resort?
Yes. As soon as your pass is processed this fall, you have the option to pick up your Ikon Pass at any Alterra Resort with your confirmation number.

Does my pass come with the Adventure Assurance?
Yes. All the Ikon passes come with the Assurance. If you need to take advantage of the program, after receiving your Ikon pass contact Ikon by logging in to your ikonpass.com profile and follow the instructions for deferring your 2023/24 pass.

Deposit Only Required:
A $25 non-refundable deposit is required to lock in your student discount. You may pay for your pass in full any time prior to the final payment deadline. Your pass will not be processed until it is paid in full.

Refund Policy:
Once you have paid in full and your pass has been processed through the Ikon Pass system, SkiSync is not able to refund any amount. The pass is non-refundable.

Final Payment Deadlines:

  • Final payments are due on October 2, 2023 so we can properly process your pass through the Ikon Pass system.
  • Anyone who registers for the pass after October 2nd will be required to pay in full.
  • The final date to purchase the Ikon Pass is November 2023 (exact date still TBD).

What to expect after you pay in full for your Ikon Pass:
After the pass is paid in full, SkiSync will upload your information into the Ikon database and you will receive a confirmation email with a link to set up your Ikon profile. On your Ikon profile, each customer will:

  1. upload a photo for your pass
  2. input your shipping address, and
  3. sign a liability waiver

You must have already submitted your deferral request with Ikon under their Adventure Assurance program. Upon receiving confirmation from Ikon for your deferral, as a current student you can register with SkiSync to receive the discounted college pass price and apply the deferral credit.

Customer Service:
Please contact SkiSync directly with all questions and inquiries regarding your Ikon Pass at:

(855) SkiSync (754-7962)