How to Ski Safely: 7 Tips from the Skier Responsibility Code

The Professional Ski Instructors Association (PSIA), National Ski Areas Association (NSAA), and the National Ski Patrol all officially endorse the Skier and Snowboarder "Responsibility Code."

The Responsibility Code is the universal guide adopted by virtually all ski resorts ensuring that you and those around you remain safe while on the slopes. After all, beginners and experts are all on the same mountain, so we've got to be aware of our fellow snow enthusiasts and surroundings at all times.

These 7 ski safety tips highlighted below cover the most relevant parts of the code that all skiers and snowboarders should be aware of before getting on the slopes.

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Tuck Winter Carnival 2018 Review

Tuck Winter Carnival is an annual staple in the SkiSync calendar. It's something we greet with eagerness as it always delivers as a fun way to connect with our group ski trip clients, both old and new.

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5 Ski Movies to Get You Stoked for this Ski Season

Fall has begun and the memories of summer are starting to fade away as excitement for a big winter begins to take place. Scrolling through Facebook brings new news of ski resorts posting photos of the first snow of the season.

Unfortunately opening day for the new ski season is still several weeks away and we are all left dreaming about carving turns and floating through powder. What is there to do to pass the time besides counting down the seconds until ski season is upon us?

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4 Questions to Ask When Comparing Ski Resorts for Your Next Trip

During the cold Winter, when the lack of sun can sometimes be draining, a killer ski trip can be an excellent way to recharge your batteries.

Considering that most ski vacations can be costly and time consuming to plan (especially for ski groups), it only makes sense that you dedicate some time toward researching the right resorts for your needs.

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10 Facts About Crested Butte All Skiers Should Know

If you haven't heard the popular Crested Butte slogan, "one of Colorado's best kept secrets," you're obviously into sandy, beach-type activities. It's one of the more common phrases you'll hear when skiers reference Colorado resorts that are void of kitschy, mass appeal.

But does Crested Butte really live up to this branding?

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3 Keys to Creating Buzz for Your Next Group Ski Trip

There are a million different reasons people put groups together for ski vacations - the most popular reason being cost savings (since more people almost always means better deals). But, once the idea is solidified, things can get tricky when it comes to actually getting people signed up for the trip.

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How El Nino Will Impact Your 2015/2016 Ski Season

El Nino is not only an interesting oceanic and atmospheric phenomenon, it's also a major factor in how awesome your next ski vacation is going to be. That's because El Nino directly impacts precipitation which we all know is the key ingredient for fun (aka snow...if you're not into science).

Since it's predicted that the 2015 El Nino will carry into Spring of 2016, this could be very good news for North American ski enthusiasts looking for an extended season.

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5 Tips to Make Your Next Group Ski Trip a Huge Success

Fact: No one ever wants their next group ski trip to be a snoozefest.

"Hey, let's all pay a bunch of money to go have a terrible time in the mountains," said no one...ever. You want it to be a huge success, right? Of course!

Here are five tips to help you and your crew have the time of your lives while avoiding the common traps that lead to a trip that's "just okay."

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Canyons Resort Is Now "Park City" After Recent Rebrand

Last July, 2015, Vail Resorts dished out some BIG news in the world of ski travel -- the have officially acquired and rebranded the Canyons Ski Resort as simply "Park City."

Yes, you got it right. Park City and Canyons are now one massive resort that will deliver a singular, epic ski experience. Vail Resorts sought to simplify this for travelers and industry folks by crafting the tagline "there is only one." (Anyone seen the movie Highlander? Anyone?!)

So this is pretty big news but what's really changed? And, how the heck did this happen?

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7 Things to Know About the New SkiSync Website

Well, we've made it people. Our new website is up and we couldn't be happier about all the new functionality it provides you, our distinguished guest!

Aside from joining the 21st century, there are several reasons we launched this new site. This blog (our first blog, woohoo) is designed to help you navigate the new awesome features of this mobile-friendly, people loving, sexy lookin' website.

Here are 7 things you need to know...

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