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Western US Ski Resorts

Taking You to the Best Western Ski Resorts in the U.S.

Western US Ski Resorts by State

Alaska Ski Resorts
Montana Ski Resorts
New Mexico Ski Resorts
Utah Ski Resorts
Canyons Resort, UT
Park City, UT
* Canyons is now part of Park City.
Wyoming Ski Resorts

Best Western Ski Resorts at the Best Rates


With it's wild and numerous ski destinations, it's no surprise that the Western United States is one of the most popular regions for skiing worldwide. Millions of people flock to the Western US's dramatic and powerful mountain ranges - including the Tetons, Sawtooth Range, Wasatch Range, Sierra Nevada Range and the mighty Rocky Mountain Range.

Many of the ski towns within this region still exude that Wild West style charm. And it's not just the mountain activities that attract travelers from all over the world, it's also the dramatic scenery, sprawling landscapes and unique culture. The sheer number of world class ski resorts in the Western US is astounding, offering many skiers and snowboarders a daunting number of choices.