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7 Things to Know About the New SkiSync Website

SkiSync-websiteWell, we've made it people. Our new website is up and we couldn't be happier about all the new functionality it provides you, our distinguished guest!

Aside from joining the 21st century, there are several reasons we launched this new site. This blog (our first blog, woohoo) is designed to help you navigate the new awesome features of this mobile-friendly, people loving, sexy lookin' website.

Here are 7 things you need to know...

1. Families & Individuals Can Now Buy Trips Online

We may have started as a group ski company but after getting tons of feedback (and we mean TONS), we finally set up a system for people to find and purchase ski resort lodging directly on our website. This means SkiSync is now one single destination for all things ski travel!
Check out our lodging deals here >

2. It Plays Nice with Mobile Devices

Our old website was fun, but not friendly to mobile devices like smart phones, tablets, etc. This new site allows you to find answers and get deals on ski travel from any device you choose, while lookin' awesome in the process.

3. More Ski Resorts with Tons of Info

We've added dozens of resorts to our list of ski vacation destinations in North America. From Whistler, BC to Heavenly, CA to Stowe, VT, you'll find all of the best resorts under one digital roof on our website. Within each resort listing, you'll find info on that particular ski area, trail maps, photos, mountain stats, nightlife recommendations...you name it and it's on there. You can also search for the latest deals at that resort and more! For you world travelers, fear not -- Japan, Europe and other resorts throughout the world are coming soon.
View Resort List >

4. Register for Deals on Lodging, Gear, Lift Tickets & More

Being one of the nation's largest ski travel agencies, we get exclusive access to killer deals on lodging, gear, lift tickets and all kinds of other sweet stuff. This includes seasonal deals, flash sales and giveaways. We've created a system for you to get notified of all this greatness by signing up directly through our new site. This ensures you don't get left on the slopes with an overpriced lift pass, tore up goggles and a rickety old set of skis (or board). We get access to all kinds of cool stuff and we want you to have it! Just look at the footer of any page on our website or sign up directly here.

5. We Have a New Blog, Y'all...

If you're here, reading this, you have found a wonderful resource for tips, news and advice related to ski travel. We'll be posting regularly, so subscribe and get in the know.

6. Custom Quotes Are Now Quicker & Easier

Getting quotes or dealing with RFPs is a pain in the butt. No one likes it, yet it can be a necessary part of getting started toward an awesome ski travel experience. So...we've gone to great lengths to simplify this process for you, housing almost everything online to save you a couple steps in this process. This is even more important for groups of over 20 travelers looking to get amazing rates while having us deal with the logistical headaches of group management.
Groups of 20+ can start their custom trip quote here >

7. Killer Free Resources Are On The Way

Soon to come are free resources that will make your life so much easier. We're talking about packing lists, destination guides, insider-tips and more. We'll let you know once we launch our resources section. You definitely will want to get in on that.

With All That Said, We Want to Thank You...

Without your business, trust and candid feedback, our new website would have just been a whisper in the wind. You, however, have helped make this a reality and it is our mission to make this new site as useful as possible to you.

In fact, we invite you to take a look around and send us your thoughts on ways we can continue to add value to this site. Please send you thoughts to us at info@skisync.com.

We also want to thank our new digital marketing agency Firesnap, Inc. for designing this website and streamlining the way we handle things behind the scenes, as well as our ski resort partners for sending us all the goodies we could handle to help get this up and running.

Thanks again and welcome!

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