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3 Keys to Creating Buzz for Your Next Group Ski Trip

group-ski-tripsThere are a million different reasons people put groups together for ski vacations - the most popular reason being cost savings (since more people almost always means better deals). But, once the idea is solidified, things can get tricky when it comes to actually getting people signed up for the trip.

It's often best to think of your trip as a business looking to generate leads. Maybe you want to generate a high volume of interested travelers, only specific types of travelers or both. Either way, to make this happen, you're going to have to create some "buzz."

Whether it's a closed group of professionals or an open invitation for anyone to join in, here are 3 ways we've seen groups effectively generate buzz for their group ski trips.

1. Start with a Story

An awesome, down-to-earth and engaging story is something all smart organizations utilize to create buzz. This may seem like an easy method, but it can be pretty darn difficult for groups who don't already have a history of successful group ski trips. If you're group lacks history or a reputation, you've got to "sell it" with an emotionally engaging story.

To create your group's unique story, start by answering the following questions...

  • Why was this group created?
  • What makes this group different from typical ski groups?
  • What do the group founder's believe in as it relates to ski travel (and it's impact on life)?
  • What can attendees expect from the group's upcoming trip?

If you craft a story people can personally connect with, they are much more likely to talk about your group to others...generating that oh-so-valuable buzz.

Once you've got this story created, post it everywhere you are promoting - (Facebook page, website, twitter profile, etc.) Make the story a staple part of promotions.

Example: The Tuck Winter Carnival uses their rich tradition and competitive elements during their annual event to craft a compelling story.

2. Service with a Smile

Don't be fooled, creating and running a group ski trip is absolutely a service job. In fact, in my experience managing group ski trips for several years, this has been the single biggest factor in determining the success of any ski vacation.

So while your story may attract people to your group, it's your service to them that will seal the deal - before, during and after your trip. So what do I mean by service?

From accommodations to travel to payments - your trip attendees are guaranteed to have a LOT of questions, issues and concerns. If you or your organization are running your trip without the help of a 3rd party, it will be your responsibility to field these inquiries and show people you care.

Think of your group ski trip like Yelp reviews, you'll want to gather many awesome experiences to ensure it's survival because only a few bad experiences can ensure its demise.

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3. Empower Ski Trip Ambassadors

As buzz builds for your group and it's upcoming trip, there will be some people who naturally take on more promotional responsibility than others. These people are compelled by your story, love your service have become so stoked about the trip that they take personal ownership of getting the word out there.

They are your group's ambassadors and must be treated like absolute gold!

Make sure you take time to identify who these special people are. Once you do, be sure to give special recognition to their efforts and equip them with extra collateral, promotional tools and even unique benefits. More specifically, show them love on social media, send them some extra promo materials and maybe throw in a sweet pair of ski goggles or gloves to show your appreciation. 

By doing so, you'll not only make them better at creating buzz for you but also improve your chances of creating more ambassadors.

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